Branding is the first handshake the customer gets from you. Will it be firm? Gentle? Include a pat on the back? Will you smile? Will you bump fists and then do the secret Batman handshake? It all depends on how you want to present your business.
Branding tells your potential customers what to expect from you. A logo and design vocabulary convey the essence of the brand, and can determine how the customer feels about your business. This is why branding is such an essential part of building a business.

Branding for Defender, a legal insurance service

Up To Date, logo design and branding for a traveling blog with tips and perks. It's stylish and fun, just like Anat who writes the blog.

Branding for the Facebook page Autobasa, which provides a platform for complaining about Israeli public transportation. This page got not only a logo and a graphic language, but also a unique style of illustrations!

Drishti Yoga - logo design for a yoga studio. Drishti means inward gaze, and the logo reflects that deep meditation, combining an organic watercolor stain with the very precise, clean line of the meditating figure.

Logo design for a bicycle store and repair service, with a very personal touch: a cartoon of the owner in the center of the bicycle wheel.

This branding was made for a Dula and birth instructor. It was inspired by the Russian Matrioshka dolls, who represent a dynasty of motherhood, generations upon generations of women supporting each other, and the bright start of a new life.

Logo design for Z Technologies, a company that provides entrepreneurs with the technological solutions they need in order to develop.

Logo design for an off-Broadway musical, focusing on the hardships of stage actors and behind-the-scenes politics. This design uses negative space to create the image of a star.

A logo for an Israeli tour guide, inspired by ancient coins from Biblical times.

Logo design for the Israeli Association of Profilers. This logo reflects a very important part of a Profiler's job: succeeding in helping their patients to open up and give them a peek into their world.

Logo design for the Feminist group in the Israeli Labor party, taking inspiration from the famous We Can Do It poster along with the color scheme and graphic language of the party.

Logo design for a movement to allow breastfeeding in public.

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