Brand character for Shilav, a baby products chain store, to promote its cooperation with Wolt's delivery service. Shilav wanted a character of a cool, quick messenger carrying their bag, and I said: why not a stork?
The stork's accessories and jet bicycle are in line with Shilav's branding palette, while the jacket and the background sky carry Wolt's light blue.
Character design and 3D model of dancer, actress, singer and human rights activist Josephine Baker in her iconic banana skirt.

Concept and character design for the online game Rule of Attraction. The game was created overnight for Global Game Jam 2019, in order to promote positive discussion about sex and sexuality. The game takes place at a party on a remote planet, where the players are encouraged to communicate with an alien whose perceptions of sex and gender are different from those they are used to. For this reason, the alien needed to be as gender neutral as possible, not falling into place with the heteronormative concepts of sex and gender.

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