These pieces of visual art were made for a variety of purposes, ranging from commercial to political. Some were commissioned, and some were drawn for a social statement. And then there are a few that just had to be done, because the Muses demanded it.

Illustration and poster design for Wes Anderson's film Moonlight Kingdom, which won Lev Cinema's contest for alternative posters and replaced all of the movie's posters across the company's theaters.

Cover art and design for a research paper by Cymmetria.

Cover art and design for Avsha Elan's album Madman's Gold, inspired by the song Twisting

Illustration incorporating Umasku's beautiful mask for its Halloween Instagram post

The first Hebrew Flying Spaghetti Monster postal stamps!

A vector illustration of Josephine Baker.

12 meter wide ad poster for Modi'in Macabim Reut Performance Art Theater

A homage to Aretha Franklin

Cinderella trying to get a refund for a pair of shoes, but she can only find one...

Alex & Roslana were so addicted to this game that they wanted a door sign with them playing it.

Why Walk When You Can Dance, or Swing Evolution, was originally made as a T shirt design for Dance Tel Aviv dance studio.

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